Sprinkler Systems

If you're looking to install or repair a sprinkler or irrigation system on your property, you've come to the right place. Affordable Restoration works on dozens of sprinkler-related projects each year, and we have many years of experience in this department as well. 

One of your top priorities when creating a successful landscape should be to have a fully functional sprinkler and irrigation system. Not only is this critical for the health of your lawn, but it's also necessary to ensure that the overall curb appeal of your lawn is kept at its very best as well. That's also not to mention that a fully functional sprinkler and irrigation system will greatly improve your property's value as well. 

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Sprinkler Systems

Let's put it this way: your lawn will only look nice if you have a sprinkler system that functions normally. If your sprinkler system is not designed well or otherwise has not been well maintained, you need to contact us.

After arriving at your property, we will conduct an assessment of your sprinkler system. Based on this assessment, we can then tell you based on your knowledge and experience as to what the best plan of attack will be.

Based on what's needed, we can either repair your existing system or otherwise install an entirely new one that will work well with your property. Examples of repairs that we can make include:

  • Actually repairing the existing sprinklers if they are not working well and checking for anything that is defective
  • Adjusting the nozzles
  • Re-aligning the direction of the water spray 
  • Setting the water timers 

Irrigation Systems

While your sprinkler system is undoubtedly important, so is your irrigation system. After all, it's the irrigation system that allows the water from your sprinklers to be delivered to the roots in the soil, to begin with. 

Most modern-day lawns consist of a number of hoses buried underneath the soil to make this happen. Not only do irrigation systems permit the entire lawn to receive the water it needs, but it also helps prevent evaporation as well. 

In other words, if your lawn has a yellow color despite the sprinkler system functioning correctly, chances are good it's an issue with your irrigation system. 

Fortunately, the professionals here at Affordable Restoration can easily tackle each of your irrigation system needs after conducting a full assessment of the issue.

Reducing Water Runoff 

Your irrigation and sprinkler systems will always be more efficient and sustainable if you can reduce water runoff as much as possible. We can set the water flow for your sprinklers and irrigation depending on the amount of grass, shrubs, trees, and flowers that are present on your property. Each of our irrigation and sprinkler systems are designed to be environmentally friendly as well.  

Affordable Restoration provides some of the highest quality sprinkler-related services in the North Idaho area. We will be fully transparent with you about any and all costs associated with your project, and we will further break down the costs based on the individual services provided.