Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, most of our customers either have very unique goals or otherwise are not sure where to begin. After all, bathroom remodeling is one of the most complicated categories of home remodeling due to all of the electrical work, plumbing, and the possible need to replace existing wiring and structures. 

Many areas will need to be inspected in the bathroom from the ceiling to the floor and everywhere in between. Here at Affordable Restoration in Coeur d'Alene, we offer the following bathroom remodeling services:

  • Vanity and Mirror Installation
  • Drywall Installation 
  • Flooring (tile, laminate, wood, and vinyl)
  • Custom Cabinetry 
  • Beautiful Countertops 
  • Wall Removal or Additions
  • Shower or Bathtub Repair and Installation 
  • Toilet Installation
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Consulting With You

We will begin each bathroom remodeling project with a consultation with you. By working with a professional consultant, we can figure out together the logistics and feasibility of the changes and upgrades you want for your bathroom. When you work with our consultants, you will realize how the dream for what you want your bathroom to look like will become a reality in a few short weeks or days. 

Our licensed professionals will also take a look at your bathroom in person and determine whether a complete renovation project is needed or whether we can solve the issues in a few short fixes. 

What We Can Do For You

The licensed professionals here at Affordable Restoration have many years of experience in the industry and are the very best in the area. We know how to work with fixing complex bathroom plumbing issues and fixtures, while also saving our customers upwards of several thousand dollars in repair costs. 

Remember, no matter how wonderful your walk-in shower looks, it won't serve you well if everything is not functioning properly or wired appropriately. The good news is that our licensed professionals have easy access to all of the necessary equipment in order to ensure that everything in your bathroom runs smoothly.

It's Your Bathroom

Remember, this is your bathroom, and the master bathroom in particular is one of the most important rooms in the home. If you put your home up for sale, the master bathroom (along with the kitchen) is the room that potential home buyers will pay the most attention to. Remodeling your bathroom can ultimately be one of the very best ways to improve the value of your home as well. 

Each time you use your bathroom, you will be extremely happy to find out that every little detail has been customized to your desire. This will create a new environment that will seem fresh every day for many years to come. 

Working with us will be a very satisfying experience, and we are fully transparent about all costs associated with your project. We will not begin work on anything without your express approval first.