If you are looking for a contractor in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area who can take care of all of your siding installation, repair, renovation, and maintenance needs, you've come to the right place. Siding is one of the top specialties we offer here at Affordable Restoration, as we tackle literally dozens of these kinds of projects in the northern Idaho area each year.


Siding is one of the most overlooked and yet also one of the most important things you can do to improve both the value and the durability of your home. While there are many different types of siding materials available, the utmost common ones include wood, vinyl, fiber cement, and steel and aluminum.

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Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is rapidly gaining in popularity across the country as a siding material. It's energy efficient, durable, requires low maintenance, and is entirely made out of recycled materials. It also bears a striking resemblance to wood to add to your home's aesthetic value, only with greater durability. 


The most durable choices for siding materials are metal options such as steel and aluminum. Available in either horizontal or vertical panels, metal is admittedly not the most attractive option, which is why ours come with a vinyl coating in order to make them a more attractive choice. Speaking of vinyl...


If you're on a budget and seeking a low-cost material for your siding project that is also durable and requires low maintenance, vinyl should be your choice. Vinyl is very similar to aluminum, as it comes in strips with interlocking edges to hold everything in place. You can also get vinyl in either vertical or horizontal panels or shingles. 


Wood is an appealing option for siding because of the fact that it offers a very natural look for your home. There are many different finishes and types of wood available as well, which can help to improve your house's aesthetic value. The one negative to wood is that it is more maintenance-heavy than most other available siding materials. 


Affordable Restoration is one of the very best services in the Coeur d'Alene area for siding repair and renovation services. We strive to be one of the most cost-effective restoration businesses in the area and will be fully transparent with you about all of the costs associated with your project.