Kitchen Remodel

Are you looking for a quality and cost-effective restoration service in the north Idaho area who can cover your kitchen remodeling needs? If so, you've come to the right place.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. If you put up your house for sale on the market, it's often the room that potential homebuyers will pay the most amount of attention to. It's also the room where we spend time during gatherings with friends and family.

Here at Affordable Restoration, we can help you out with any of your kitchen repair, remodeling, or restoration needs. From your appliances to the countertops to the cabinets to the flooring and anything in between, we've got you covered.

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Our Process

Our process for fixing up your kitchen to your heart's desire is simple. Remodeling your kitchen can be overwhelming because you're making decisions that are going to have a permanent impact on your home. 

Furthermore, the costs of kitchen remodeling and renovation services can vary drastically depending on the scope of the project and the size of your kitchen. What we will do is have you create a financial budget during our initial consultation, and then we will have you make a list of your must-have requirements.

Based on this information, we will be able to create a customized plan for you that meets your budget while ensuring that your kitchen will be redone to your heart's desire. 

Water Resistant Flooring

We recommend that you choose materials for your kitchen that are very water-resistant, such as dense tiles that are both resistant to stain and watertight. As a golden rule, your tiles should absorb less than 0.5% of all moisture.

Optimizing Storage 

The backbone of any kitchen is the cabinets. We will work with you to develop a cabinet layout that makes the most out of your kitchen's floor plan. We also offer numerous different types of materials for cabinets as well, including mahogany, bamboo, cherry wood, or aluminum.

Appealing and Durable Countertops 

The countertops are the very first thing you will notice about a kitchen when you walk in. We offer many countertop materials that are durable, long-lasting, and visually attractive. Examples include:

  • Granite
  • Laminates
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Engineered Stone 
  • Stainless Steel

Home Is Where The Heart Is

There's an old saying that home is where the heart is, but ultimately, it's really the kitchen that makes the home complete in the first place. After all, the kitchen is usually the one room in our homes (other than the master bedroom) where we spend the most amount of time.

This is why it's extremely important for your kitchen to look as good as possible. If this is the room where you're spending the most amount of time, then your kitchen needs to look as fresh, welcoming and inviting as possible. Since it's your house, it's your right for your kitchen to look as good as possible. 

Affordable Restoration offers some of the highest quality kitchen remodeling services at the lowest possible price. We will be fully transparent with you about any and all costs associated with your kitchen remodeling or renovation project.