Affordable Restoration in Coeur d'Alene offers specialized decking repair services for those living in the North Idaho area. If you are looking for a general deck repair and installation service, we offer some of the highest quality and affordable deck services in Coeur d'Alene.

If your deck has become the victim of water damage or mold growth, the best response you can take is to seek professional help as soon as possible. If you fail to take action early enough, you could void your ability to make a claim to your insurance company. 

The certified professionals at Affordable Restoration are trained to follow theS500 and IICRC S500 procedural standards in water damage. Examples of deck-related services we offer include:

  • Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Sealing
  • Staining
  • General Repairs
  • Restoration
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Analyzing Your Deck

The very first thing we will do is pay a visit to see your deck in-person so we can decide upon the appropriate course of action. We will determine if any of the wood has rotted to the point that it can't be used anymore, or if any of it can be salvaged.

Cleaning and Power Washing Your Deck 

The number one best way to clean your deck is to power wash it. While you could rent a washer to do this task yourself, the truth is the time and cost investment will add up quickly. Our team can easily take care of this task for you, and as we are experienced we will ensure that your deck incurs no splintering or damage either. 

Sealing Your Deck 

Sealing your deck to create protection from water and moisture. The sealant we use preserves the natural look of your wood as it is clear and transparent in order to show the natural wood color.

Staining Your Deck 

A stain will work very similarly to a sealant but also has pigment added that blocks out the harmful UV rays of the sun that could cause your wood to crack or fade.

Staining your deck will also be a preferable option to painting your deck because it will penetrate through the grain of the wood in order to get it sealed. The more tinting in your stain, the more protected your deck will be from moisture and fading from the sun. Painting your deck is also an option, but it can also cause the boards to expand and contract in response to temperature changes. 

Before staining your deck, we will always have it power washed and cleaned first in order to remove any existing grime, dirt, sealant, or stain. We will also not get overzealous with the amount of pressure we use, so there will be no splintering or other damage to your deck. 

We also recommend that you have your deck re-stained once every two to three years because even the highest quality stains can eventually fade. 

Restoring Your Deck 

Finally, if the damage is particularly bad it may be necessary to complete a full restoration, and replacement of the deck may be needed. If so, we will ensure that everything meets local and state laws, regulations, and building codes. We will start by working on the foundation, and after installing the decking and railing, we will then proceed with trimming and staining to complete the project. 

We assure you that working with us will be a very easy-going experience, as many people in the Coeur d'Alene area have already discovered. We will also be fully transparent about all upfront and associated costs with the project as well, and will further break down the costs by each service delivered.